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[ICYMI] Parts of South Africa likely to move to level three lockdown after May

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address the nation Wednesday night about the country’s ongoing measures to manage the spread of the coronavirus through the implementation of a risk-adjusted strategy

And take a look at one of the key slides from Ramaphosa’s presentation

In his address, Ramaphosa explained that infections of the novel coronavirus were mostly confined to the country’s large metros, which coincide with the red areas in the map above.

The country remains on a level four lockdown to stem the tide of new infections. But, this may soon be changing, although not for everyone, Ramaphosa warned.

“We will immediately begin a process of consultation with relevant stakeholders on a proposal that by the end of May, most of the country be placed on alert level three,” he explained. “But that those parts of the country with the highest rates of infection remain on level four”.

If this is true, it’s likely that major cities such as Cape Town and Durban will remain under a level four lockdown. Updated regulations on what is and isn’t allowed under this risk alert level are set to be released soon, Ramaphosa said.

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Laura Lopez Gonzalez is a freelance health journalist and editor. She was Bhekisisa's news editor then deputy editor between 2016 and 2020.